Young Correspondent

At the 15th World Scout Moot, a Young Correspondent Program will be offered, enabling representatives from Contingents to promote the Moot in their local media. Young Correspondents are full participants in the Moot.

Who can be a Young Correspondent?

Young Correspondents must be selected from among registered participating Scouts. Young Correspondents should be confident, enthusiastic about scouting, and have a desire to share that enthusiasm. They should be able to communicate in English and/or French, be motivated to work as correspondents, and be willing to share their experiences, and relate stories in the media of their home country. When choosing correspondents, please try to ensure a balance of gender, age, and geographical origin. Contingents may, if they wish, nominate one Young Correspondent for every 100 members.

What is the role of Young Correspondents?

The main role of Young Correspondents will be to use the World Scout Moot media to tell the story of the Moot to those attending the event, as well as to the people of their respective home countries.

Young Correspondents will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide stories to the media in their home country
  • Write articles for the World Scout Moot media (newspaper, website, etc.)
  • Learn about media work – how to write articles, use cameras, edit video, etc.

During the run­up to the Moot, Young Correspondents will be provided with some of the relevant training.  In addition, an online platform will be established where Young Correspondents can interact with one another and share stories. Further information will be communicated directly to Young Correspondents via the Contingent Media Contact Person.

To nominate a Young Correspondent, please complete and return the “Young Correspondent Nomination Form“ (Appendix XX) by the end of March 2017.

Young Spokespersons

The World Scout Moot organizers will select a few Young Spokespersons from the pool of Young Correspondents. Young Spokespersons will communicate with professional journalists visiting the Moot.