Northern Lights with Special Tours by Boat

Yes dear readers, it is true. We have done our duty yet again and are proud to give you our review of the Northern Lights tour with our friends over at Special Tours by Boat

Northern Lights by Boat

It was a beautiful night when we arrived at the docks. The projected northern lights sighting was a 4 on the scale, which is rather good according to the ST peeps. The first thing that struck our eyes as we boarded Rósin, our boat for the evening, was the clearly noticeable absence of Magnús, who you of course remember from our earlier tour with Special Tours. Shaken and confused, our worries were quickly laid to rest when we were informed that the captain was also named Magnús! You can’t go wrong with a Magnús on board!

Special Tour Northern Lights by Boat

Northern Lights by Boat

The boat was nicely packed, about 50 or so tourists were along for the ride, filling just about every age group, with the youngest being an incredibly adorable newborn. Each one of the passengers was then given a raffle ticked as we boarded.

Special Tours do treat their passengers well. Aside from providing warm overalls for anyone who needed one, we were also treated to hot cocoa or coffee as well as some delicious cinnamon buns. Have you ever had cinnamon buns on a boat? They become extra delicious.

Once we got out to sea the clouds were quickly covering most of the sky, making any sight that much more difficult. Our tour guide, Claudia, had the difficult task of keeping the passengers calm and entertained, ahead of her.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Between the search for favorable sightings, Claudia filled our heads with knowledge of everything northern lights related. How they are formed, what the optimum conditions for sightings are, their interests, favorite date scenarios and so on! Take this tour and become an instant expert on the aurora borealis!

Just as we thought all hope was lost and there would be no sighting of the aurora´s, the joyous chants from Claudia were heard through the intercom. There was a sighting at last! Every passenger rushed up to the deck.

The success rate of the trip

The look on everyone’s faces painted a clear picture of the success rate of the trip. They were all in awe of the moment and got plenty of memories for their friends back at home. The tour took approximately 2 hours and was well worth the trip. The tour is available until the 15th of April, so you might want to move quickly to secure your spot!

How much does it cost? It costs 10.990 ISK ~ $ 88.2 !!!

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