Safe From Harm #8:

Code of conduct

Be a responsible Scout at all times

  • Wear your Jamboree Neckerchief and Jamboree ID at all times, unless asked to remove them for health or safety reasons.
  • Follow the Scout Law at all times.
  • Handle knives with care. Keep your knife safely in a bag when it is not in use.

Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you

  • Try to maintain a positive attitude and a smile on your face as a part of the scouting spirit.
  • Be tolerant, respectful, and understanding of others.
  • Be punctual whether at work or at play.
  • Refrain from using bad language (blasphemy or swearing).
  • Respect and follow all signs and instructions – ‘out of bounds’ or restricted areas have been designated as such for a reason.

Respect other people and their property

  • Respect different faiths, customs, and cultures, and dress appropriately.
  • At the Expedition Centers, remember to be respectful of the local population and conduct yourself in a manner befitting a representative of your National Scout Organization.
  • Respect other people’s property. If you did not bring it or buy it, then leave it alone!
  • Do not enter tents or sites other than your own unless invited.
  • Be considerate at night when people are asleep, especially from 23:00 to 06:00.
  • Displays of intimacy in public are discouraged. Participants should respect the diversity of cultural attitudes concerning personal contact.
  • Use a canteen for drinking water to minimize the amount of trash generated. Tap water is always safe to drink in Iceland, unless otherwise specified. Be considerate of others when using showers and lavatories.

Obey the World Scout Moot 2017 rules:

  • Avoid games or competitions, which might result in arguments or conflict.
  • The Moot maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding the consumption of alcohol at the Jamboree site. Smoking is prohibited, except in designated smoking areas.
  • The Moot maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession, use, or supply of illicit substances.
  • Gambling is prohibited.


I hereby confirm that I understand the contents of this page with in the Safe from Harm training course, and agree to comply with all directions made thereby at the World Scout Moot 2017.

I’m ready for the next level.

Final level