Safe from Harm

The Safe from Harm (SfH) course is intended to ensure that the World Scout Moot is an abuse-free environment. All members of IST, CMT and MPT must complete SfH training prior to arrival. This includes participants, IST, as well as leaders of all sorts.

The SfH course addresses the types of abuse that can occur at an event like the WSM, as well as aspects of the culture of the host country. As we all know, interpersonal communication can vary from culture to culture, and we need to understand that boundaries likewise vary between cultures. As such, this SfH online training course is intended to aid all participants in understanding the international environment in which they will be living in during the Moot, as well as to familiarize them with those basics of Icelandic culture and values they will need in order to cope with life in Iceland.

The online training course will be available from March 2017. All members of the IST, CMT, and MPT are expected to complete the course before arrival at the Moot registration site, and to present a certificate of completion upon arrival. Should you have not completed the training prior to arrival, you will must complete it on site. For smooth entry to the World Scout Moot 2017, it is highly recommended that you complete the training course in advance.

Our aim is to host a fantastic World Scout Moot, providing Scouts from all over the world with amazing experiences and memories for life. All of us, you and I included, share the responsibility of ensuring a World Scout Moot where all participants can enjoy a safe and respectful environment.

Our vision is to host an abuse and harassment free World Scout Moot. Let‘s help one another, be nice to each other, and together make the Moot 2017 truly memorable.

The basis for the Safe from Harm course

Safe from Harm is a course for learning about and practicing the prevention and correct handling of various kinds of abuse. The protection of young people is an absolute priority for WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement). In 2002, Resolution 07/02 on Keeping Scouts Safe from Harm was adopted at the World Scout Conference in Thessaloniki. It urged all NSOs to act in the prevention all forms of abuse—bullying, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

The protection of children and young adults is also a priority of Icelandic society. According to the Youth Act of 2007, “everyone working with or in charge of children and young adults aged 6 to 25 years should have completed training required for the job”. The law also prohibits “the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances during organized youth activities”, such as the World Scout Moot 2017. Any use of such substances will result in immediate expulsion from the Moot. The use of tobacco is permitted in designated areas only.

Who should undergo training?

The training course is compulsory for all International Service Team (IST) members, Tribe Advisors, Contingent Management Teams (CMT), and the Moot Planning Team (MPT).
How to the training course?

Each individual will be able to create an account in order to begin the online training course. The course will consist of 9 modules, each module having a presentation format and covering a specific topic. The course will be available in English and French, and should take about 20-30 minutes to complete in its entirety. Upon completion, the trainee will be asked to state that he or she has understood the safety requirements and will comply with the precautions outlined by the SfH training course and the Moot organizers. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees will receive a certificate and must present a printed copy of this upon arrival at the Moot registration site. If you have difficulty accessing the online SfH training course, you will be required to complete it on site at the registration office.

It is now time to start the online training!

I hereby confirm that I understand the contents of this page with in the Safe from Harm training course, and agree to comply with all directions made thereby at the World Scout Moot 2017. I’m ready for the next level.