Safe From Harm #7:

Alcohol and drug policy

Another issue when discussing routines during the Moot is drugs and alcohol. All recreational drugs are prohibited at the World Scout Moot and the consumption, possession, or being under the influence of wine, beer or other kinds of alcohol is prohibited.According to Icelandic law, the possession, use, or handling of narcotics is a criminal offence.

Alcohol and other intoxicating substances are not part of the Moot experience. We are aware that different cultures have different rules and traditions regarding this matter, but we will maintain a zero tolerance policy concerning their use. This means that any and all use or possession of alcohol (note that beer and wine are also considered alcoholic beverages) or other intoxicating substances during the Moot will result in immediate expulsion!

I hereby confirm that I understand the contents of this page with in the Safe from Harm training course, and agree to comply with all directions made thereby at the World Scout Moot 2017. I’m ready for the next level.

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