The first half of the World Scout Moot the participants will be based at different Expedition Centers, most of whom are in the South of Iceland but also some in the West and the North. There will be from 200 to 800 participants stationed in each Expedition Center. These Centers are carefully chosen to provide excellent camping facilities in spectacular surroundings, that offer a great variety of program options.

The program at the  Expedition Centers will meet the educational objectives that WOSM has determined for World Scout Moots. The focus of the program is both to provide an exceptional mixture of life-changing experiences and fun with new friends from around the world.

ex-tveirmennEach Expedition Center will offer a program in three key areas (A, N, C), with each Center being graded 1-3 depending on the program emphasis of each Center. During registration participants indicate what combination (A, N, C) and level (1-3) of Expedition program they are most interested in.

The World Scout Moot Planning Team will then use the program interests of the participants to determine placement at the Expedition Centers.  The Planning Team will also group the participants that have a similar program interest into international patrols of ten people, with a maximum of two people from each country in the patrol, and then form tribes of four patrols.


The Expedition Centers are as follows:

ex-skaftafellSkaftafell national park : Kristínartindar mountain hike

Kristínartindar is a mountain in the southern part of Vatnajökull National Park, the largest national park in Europe, which includes Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. Its mountain ridge serves as a nice backdrop to the ice free part of the National Park and the white world of ice behind it. The ridge is horseshoe shaped, extending half way around an old crater, which opens up towards the west. The mountain’s highest peak is an excellent spot for panoramic views in the heart of the national park and has few rivals. The higher summit has a flanking rock of pillar that serves as a landmark on the route. Various types of eruptive rock can be found at Kristínartindar, while the mountain itself is part of an eroded volcanic complex, long since vanished. Participants will spend a day hiking across the Skaftafellsheiði heath, which includes a number of popular destinations for shorter hikes and has great views of glaciers, peaks, snow domes, and the vast expanses of the Skeiðarársandur outwash plains of black sand, formed by meandering glacial rivers and glacial floods.

ex-holaskjolHólaskjól, Skælingar

Hólaskjól is an oasis in the wilderness in the south of Iceland close to the volcano Lakagigar. In 1783 the largest eruption in recorded history took place at Laki, distributing highly toxic volcanic ash and gases, causing widespread crop failures and famine. As a result, about 70% of livestock and 24% of the human population of Iceland perished. The effects were not limited to Iceland, but also affected the rest of Europe since toxic volcanic materials were carried there by the wind. It has been estimated that in the UK alone a more people died as a result of this eruption than in Iceland, and the French revolution of 1789 is thought to have been at least partly due to its effects. It also affected North America, where Benjamin Franklin mentions it in his writings. Hólaskjólis at the edge of the lava field, and is accessible only during the height of summer. The lava, mountains, and nearby glaciers form an unforgettable landscape. Around Hólaskjól,you can experience a variety of interesting hikes and walks. Walking through the mountains with the lava field beside you and glaciers on both sides, and nature at its finest all around you is simply an unforgettable experience.

Offers program options like: mountain walking/climbing (Sveinstindar, Eldgjá, Strútsgstígur, Áltavötn), hillwalking, nature studies (botany), yoga in the wild, history, land compensation and getting to know the history of the place.


Heimaland is situated by Eyjafjöll mountains on the southern coast of Iceland. Nearest town is Hvollsvollur, which is about 20 km away from the campsite. Eyjafjöll is a mountain range that reaches from the river Markarfljót in the west to the river Jökulsá in Sólheimasandur in the east. At the top of the mountians the glacier Eyjafjallajökull is sitting. Eyjafjallajökull made it to the world news in 2010 when there was a big volcano eruption underneath the glacier causing big problems for aviation in Europe. At Heimaland there is a big community house as well as the camp site. Close to the campsite there are beautiful nature wonders such as the waterfall Seljalandsfoss and Thorsmork. In the Moot we want participants to experience being close to nature and here below we have the programme descriptions for the programme we have to offer. We do recommend that every participants visits the waterfall Seljalandsfoss as well as choosing one of programme.

Offers program options like: mountain walking/climbing (Þórsmörk, Emstur, Drangshlíðarfjall), hillwalking, waterfall counting, learning about volcanic eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull and Katla, nature studies (botany), glacier hike, cooking, icelandic farm life, museums, land compensation and getting to know the history of the place.

ex-vestmannaeyjarVestmannaeyjar island

Vestmannaeyjar are chain of 15 islands located south of the mainland. Heimaey is the only inhabitated island with 4.300 inhabitants.Vestmannaeyjar is one of the major fishing and fish processing towns in Iceland All the islands have been formed in vulcanic eruptions. . Two major vulcanic eruptions took place during the second half of last century. In 1963, an eruption started under sea level and a new island, Surtsey was born. Suddenly early morning the 23rd of January 1973 an eruption started with lava flowing towards the town. Immediate actions were taking to evacuate all people from the island to the mainland. Fortunately, bad weather the day before caused the whole fishing fleet staying in harbour so all inhabitants were rushed down to the harbour for sailing with the fishing boats to the nearest harbour on the mainland. Almost half a year later when the eruption had stopped people moved back to their homes. Ash and pumice had covered the whole Island and about one third of the houses were destroyed by the lava flow, many of these now under thick layers of lava. A lot of work was waiting for the Westman islanders to clean the town to make it habitable again. This was done quickly and efficient so in a short while were the industries running as before.Visiting this place of a recent vulcanic eruption gives a unique opportunity to experience the consequences of a volcanic eruption for the people and how they coped with it. There are also various interesting opportunities for hiking and walking the many mountains on the Islands.
Offers program options like: mountain walking/climbing (Heimaklettur, Eldfell), hillwalking, “cliffswinging”, rowing a boat, safety boat testing, bird watching, town walking and local activities, photography, museums, learning about volcanic eruptions in Vestmannaeyjar, fishery and community, fishing, “escaping the pirates”, community involvement and land compensation.


Offers program options like: mountain walking (Ingólfsfjall), hillwalking, swimming in a swimming pool heated by a naturally hot spring, life and work on an Icelandic farm, museums, lava cave,land compensation, sport and games and getting to know the history of the place.

ex-thingvellirÞingvellir national park

Offers program options like: mountain walking/climbing (Botnsúlur, Leggjabrjótur, Ármannsfell), hillwalking, rod fishing, learning about the oldest parliament in the world and the first settlers of Iceland, biking, land compensation and getting to know the geology and history of the place.


Offers program options like: mountain walking (Hengill, Langidalur, Skarðsmýrarfjall), hiking around and bathing in the hot springs in Reykjadalur, horseback riding, greenhouses , land compensation, active community involvement and getting to know the geology and history of the place.

ex-hafnarfjordurHafnarfjörður Town

Offers program options like: Hiking, biking, caving, kayaking from Arnarnesvogur to the residence of the President of Icelandic,  street art, following the trails of elves and Vikings, checking out the fishing harbor and active community involvement.

ex-reykjavikReykjavík City

Offers program options like: Icelandic food, art and culture  – museums, buildings of worship and city life, swimming in the sea, walking and biking around town, hiking to the top of mount Esja, visiting  the former residence of the only Icelandic Nobel prize winner, learning about the voluntary Icelandic Search and Rescue teams, land compensation, active art and community involvement, experiencing the geology and history of Iceland and Reykjavík City, renewable energy sources.


Offers program options like: Sailing, walking and hiking, life and work on an Icelandic farm, rod fishing, following the steps of the first Icelandic settlers, land compensation and getting to know the geology and history of the place. Also museums, bird watching and walking on the beach.


Offers program options like: mountain walking/climbing (Súlur, Ten peaks), hillwalking, Akureyri the cultural town, Akureyri the sports town, sailing in the fjord, active art and community involvement, nature museum, land compensation and getting to know the history of the place.


Community involvement (C1, C2, C3)

Focus on community learning history and entertainment

C1. A half to full day program combination

C2 One to two days program combination

C3 Two to three days program combination


Nature and the environment (N1, N2, N3)

Focus on environmental protection, land compensation, learning and experience.

N1  Half to full day program combination

N2 One to two days program combination

N3 Two to three days program combination


Physical activities and adventure (A1, A2, A3)

A1 Half to two days of outdoor activities following walking paths through hills and flatland.

A2 One to three days in a program combination of outdoor activities that are both challenging and strenuous. But if the weather is rainy and windy the program can get quite demanding and difficult.

A3 Two to three days in program combination of strenuous physical activities that challenge strength, endurance, mountaineering skills and equipment in the harsh Icelandic nature.