The Educational objectives

As an educational event of WOSM, the objectives of the Moot  are for the participants to:

  • Develop their understanding and experience of belonging to a world wide movement of Scouts.
  • Be challenged by new perspectives of culture, origin, ideas, behaviour and experience.
  • Experience the influence and power of nature and the environment on everyday life.
  • Be challenged to think about their lifestyle and its impact on the environment and on their individual health.
  • Think about their place as world citizens and the rights and responsibilities that go with it.

The program offered at the Moot will be organized to meet those educational objectives.

The program schedule

The 15th World Scout Moot takes place from Tuesday morning 25th July 2017 to late afternoon on Wednesday 2nd August.

The Moot program starts with an opening ceremony in the capital city of Reykjavík in the morning of 25th July. Participants will then spend the day in the capital area, taking part in an organized program.  In the afternoon the participants will be transported to one of the ten camps where they will spend the next four days.  The camps will be in different locations along the southern coast of Iceland, with each location offering different program elements.  Thus one camp will be located in a national park, next to a glacier and have a mountaineering focus, while another will be in a large town and have a focus on culture and community.  The participants will decide their own Moot experience by signing up for the activities of their choice during registration, and that information will be used to form patrols and choose the relevant camp.  This part of the Moot is called The Journey.

On Saturday, 29th of July, all the participants will be transported to the Úlfljótsvatn Scout Centre for the third part of the Moot, which is called Althingi. The program at Althingi will include outdoor activities, workshops, roundtable discussions, challenges, campfires, diverse cultural activities and basically having a great time together.

The Closing Ceremony of the 15th World Scout Moot 2017 will be in the afternoon of August 2nd.

The different program activities are currently being developed. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

The start of the moot

The Opening Ceremony will start at 10:00 o´clock on the morning of July 25th, in Laugardalshöll, a sports hall centrally located in Reykjavík. Heads of contingent should ensure that their contingents are at Laugardalshöll and in the opening ceremony arena at least a half an hour before the start of the ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony, all contingents must have registered and dropped all luggage off at designated locations in Laugardalshöll. Registration will be open between 17:00 and 22:00 o’clock on the evening of July 24th, at the entrance to Laugardalshöll, and between 07:00 and 09:00 on the morning of the 25th. Contingent leaders will attend to the registration of their participants as a group, so individual participants are not expected to attend registration. Registration of the IST will be different, and will be announced at a later date, as the IST will arrive a couple of days prior to the participants. The luggage drop off area in Laugardalshöll will be open from 07:00 o´clock on the morning of July 25th and the specific drop off point for each person depends on the respective Expedition Center destination of each participant.

To facilitate the ease of travel on the morning of the 25th, accommodation in the classrooms of nearby schools will be available to contingents at an economical price. Contingents wishing to take advantage of this should contact the Scout Travel Office (see a separate article in this Bulletin) for more information and bookings.

Each national contingent will attend the Opening Ceremony as an individual group. Immediately following the ceremony all participants will be split into their Moot patrols and tribes. Thereafter, the individual tribes will start their journey to their Expedition Centers. Those tribes with the longest travel time ahead of them will depart fairly soon following the formation of patrols and tribes, while others will remain at Laugardalur for a time. A programme will be provided for those remaining, a programme which the tribes leaving earlier will take part in en route and/or upon arrival at their respective Expedition Centers.

The Closing of the Moot

The Closing Ceremony at Ulfljotsvatn will commence at 14:00 hrs. on August 2nd, and will end at 15:30 hrs.

Transportation provided by the Moot will depart at 18:00 hrs. following the Closing Ceremony, and contingents will be provided transport to Laugardalur (same location as for the Opening Ceremony).

Contingents may choose either to depart on the evening of August 2nd or before noon on August 3rd. For those interested in staying at the Úlfljótsvatn camp site, the Moot will offer free camping for the night and food will be available for purchase. For an additional fee, the Scout Travel Office will offer direct transport from the Moot camp site to Keflavik International Airport.