All the participants will be divided into patrols of 10 people.  The patrol is the unit that is responsible for and participates together in the program activities during the Moot. The patrols will be formed in the spring of 2017 and the patrol members encouraged to “meet” over the Internet and thus get to know each other a bit before the Moot starts.

The aim is to include two participants from each country and five countries in each patrol. The number of registered participants from each country will though impact the final number of people pr. country in the patrols. Four patrols will then form a tribe.  The tribe lives together during the Moot, creating friendships but also sharing the responsibilities for camping, food preparation and other tasks of daily living. Two advisors, aged 26 or older, will support and camp with each tribe.  The aim is that for each tribe there is a team of one Icelandic and one International advisor. The role of the advisors is to support the participants in establishing and maintaining the patrol and tribe system and to support their personal development.  The advisors only have a support function; each patrol and tribe is responsible for it´s own function. As a standard each patrol and tribe will include participants of both genders – that is males and females.  However, the option for unisex tribes will be provided for those who such wish.  A unisex tribe will have its own camping area, but it is unavoidable that the tribe camping next to it may include both males and females.