Eligible participants to the World Scout Moot are those aged between 18 and 25 – or those born on or between the dates of 2nd August 1991 and 25th July 1999.  The Moot is equally open to young men and women that are members of a National Scout Organization belonging to WOSM.

Members of a National Scout Organization that are 26 years of age, or born on or before 1st August 1991, can join the Moot´s International Service Team (IST).  National Scout Associations are encouraged to include as many 26-30 year olds in the IST as possible. The IST is made up of volunteers that assist with the delivery of the Moot and is composed of local and international Scouts.

Each country attending the Moot organizes and sends a national contingent, which all the registered participants and IST members from that country are a part of.  That is – no individual or small group of Scouts can register directly with the Moot organizing team, but have to register via their National Scout Organization.  Also, there can be only one contingent per country.  Each National Scout Organization is responsible for all the members of its contingent.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts that are members of an association belonging to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can attend the Moot with the agreement of and as a part of the contingent of the National Scout Organization in their respective country.

Each contingent will be lead by a head of contingent and such contingent staff as necessary and appropriate to the size of the continent.  The head of contingent and contingent staff are selected and appointed by each participating National Scout Organization. Heads of contingents and contingent staff that are between 18 and 25 years of age may and are encouraged to join in the participants program.

The maximum total number of participants at the Moot is 5.000 and IST 1.000. The maximum number of participants a contingent can register is 500 and 100 IST. Also, no contingent can have more IST than participants.