Media Contact Person

Each Contingent should appoint one Media Contact Person (MCP) by completing and returning the “Media Contact Person Registration Form“ before the end of December.

Once the forms have been received, the World Scout Moot organizers will contact MCPs and share Moot­related news, which can be used for media work in and by the NSOs. In addition, MCPs will function as contacts for young correspondents. This includes the provision of any necessary support before and during the Moot.

Media and public relations support

Contingents will be offered support for their public relations and media work at a Media Centre at the main site at Úlfljótsvatn.

The support at the Media Centre will include access to press materials such as fact sheets, news releases, photos, and video clips, access to a limited number of computers, Wi-fi for laptops and tablet devices, as well as some printing facilities. These facilities at the Media Centre will be available for registered Media Contact Persons (MCPs) and journalists.

Registering Journalists

Contingents are encouraged to invite journalists to attend the World Scout Moot, as this should provide a great  opportunity to showcase the values of the Scout Movement.

To ensure the provision of effective support, attending journalists must be registered prior to arrival at the Moot. Please complete and return the “NSO Journalist Registration Form“ (Appendix XX) by the end of June 2017. Please note that it is the responsibility of individual Contingents to provide for accompanying journalists, e.g. accommodation and meals.