Environment and Sustainability

Our vision


Earth is our home, and its biosphere sustains us. We humans share the wonders of our planet with each other, as well as with countless other species, each of which forms a vital link in a biological chain providing us with shelter, food, experiences, and adventures. We humans are an integral part of our environment, rather than its masters. The Earth is our inheritance, and as such it must be treated with care and respect, so succeeding generations may continue to enjoy at least the same standards of living and have the same opportunities for happiness as we do.


Earth’s environment


Earth’s biosphere has been damaged because humans tend to forget that it forms the basis of their own well-being, as well as that of succeeding generations.  Therefore, they have not shown the care required for interaction with their environment. Greed tends to lead people astray and poverty limits their opportunities. The result is dangerous climatic changes, the pollution of air, water, and land, as well as soil erosion and a loss of biodiversity. This process must be reversed and directed towards a sustainable path, and the Scout Movement is an active participant in this endeavor.


The mission


The organizing committee is committed to make MOOT 2017 sustainable as possible.  Nature conservation and sustainable development will be a guiding light throughout preparations and conduct of the Moot. With carefully planned measures and actively involving participants with information from early on we will meet our goal, and in addition make the event more rewarding for all.


The MOOT 2017 organizers’ promise


During the planning, preparation, and execution of MOOT 2017, the organizers promise:


  1. To stress the principles of sustainable development.
  2. To ensure, whenever possible, that all services and products supplied to the Moot are certified to follow environmentally sound production processes and management practices and carry approved environmental labelling.
  3. That the Moot as a whole will meet the standards set by an accredited certifying authority.
  4. That camping areas owned or managed by the Icelandic Scouting Movement will meet the standards set by an accredited certifying authority.
  5. That the Moot program will feature projects to increase awareness and knowledge of the concept of sustainable development and that participants will be given the option to carbon neutralize their participation in the Moot.
  6. To learn from the experience of past Moots, to increase the knowledge of environmental protection among Moot staff, and to pass on any lessons learned to the hosts of similar scouting events in the future.
  7. That Moot participants will be made aware of this policy, and that they will be required to read and sign «The MOOT 2017 participants’ promise» as a prerequisite for participation in the Moot.



The MOOT 2017 participants’ promise


As a participant in MOOT 2017 in Iceland, I wish to set an example and use the means at my disposal to minimize the waste of resources and damage to the environment, and increase awareness of the importance of sustainable development. I therefore promise:


  1. To treat the environment as I would treat my own home.
  2. To minimize the pollution of land, water, and air to the best of my abilities and understanding.
  3. To use water – the basis of life – sparingly, and to prevent the waste of food, energy, and other natural resources.
  4. To treat the places I visit with respect and never to leave behind trash, disturb bird life, or to damage geological features or vegetation.
  5. To follow instructions on the separation and handling of trash and to provide instructions on this to those who may require it.
  6. To select the most environmentally sound forms of transport available.
  7. To increase my knowledge of nature and the environment, so that I may constantly strive to improve myself and guide others.



Iceland, June 2015


The organizers committee environment group