We truly appreciate your commitment to serve at the Moot and therefore support scouting globally. Without YOU, the Moot cannot succeed. With that in mind, we aim to make your stay as enjoyable, instructive and fulfilling as possible.

What can I expect as an IST member?

Of course FUN is a given. With a large group of scouts from around the world sharing their abilities, stories and experiences, fun is guaranteed. That sort of sharing also leads to picking up new skills, of which there will be plenty of opportunity during the Moot. And we fully expect you to leave this Moot with new friends and a sense of fulfillment that we all have lived, learned, shared and enjoyed the fellowship associated with such a truly international scouting event.

What is expected from me as an IST member?

As an IST member you are expected to provide service during the working hours required, in a timely and conscientious manner.  You are furthermore expected to respect the code of conduct agreed on for the Moot, be respectful of the different cultures present, be helpful, supportive and have a positive outlook towards the tasks and people present. As a part of the Moot your attitude and behavior shapes the overall Moot spirit and success.

What kind of service can I undertake as an IST member?

The IST group as a whole is responsible for the running of the Moot and the successful experience of all involved.  The tasks and jobs that need undertaking are the same as for any camp of 6.000 people, with the added international element.  This means that we need people to set up and close down the camp sites, plan, lead and run program activities for both the participants and the IST group, to ensure that logistics such as food distribution, security and environment function, to man a health center, shops and cafes, to write and publish the Moot newsletter, ensure the smooth running of the sub-camps and so on.  We furthermore need leaders experienced with working with scouts in the age group of 18-25 to be advisors to participants groups.

How will I be assigned to a service task?

Once your contingent has completed registration for the Moot, you will receive a code to access the registration system.
When registrating ,  you may choose up to three areas of interest for your service assignments.  The Moot organizing team will make every attempt at meeting your service interests, but will need to organize the IST group so that all the needs of the Moot are met and therefore you may ultimately be required to serve in other fields if needed.

Your service schedule will depend on what area of service you are assigned to.

Will the IST work in groups?

Yes, we will have the IST in small international groups, like the participants.
The exact size of the patrols depends on the groups service tasks.  Like in the participants patrols the IST will have the possibility to be two from the same country in each patrol.
The idea is that these groups stay together in their service tasks and might camp together and will thus become a kind of a patrol like the participants.   This means there will be mixed nationalities and languages in each group, which gives a unique opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

When do I have to be in Iceland and what happens when I get there?

IST members are expected to be at the Moot reception site in Laugardalur in Reykjavik, (where the opening ceremony will be) no later than 14:00 on July 23, 2017 and leave  after lunch on August 4th   The Moot fee covers the entire IST cost from evening July 22nd to lunch August 4th.

Our welcome team will meet you at the airport, If you arrive in Iceland on 22nd  or 23th of July.  Each contingent is responsible to arrange your own transport to the meeting point in Laugardalur. Transport can be booked at

If you arrive earlier in order to do your own travelling prior to the Moot, we will see you in Laugardalur area in the city of Reykjavík in the morning of July 23rd.    At the end of the Moot, on August 4th  each contingent will be transported to Laugardalur Reykjavík.

On July 22nd from 17:00-22:00 and 23rd from 9:00-14:00 at the Moot reception site in Laugardalur the registration will be open and you will get your welcome package with registration id’s, scarf, badge, service assignment, training schedule, etc.
On July 23rd and 24th there are training sessions scheduled for the IST group, and we may also use part of the days in setting up the camps.  In addition to the training on site we aim to provide some web-based training prior to the event, for you to participate in at a time that suits you.  The training we require you to participate in will include sessions that are related to your particular service task, but also on cultural awareness, safe from harm, code of conduct, health and safety, procedures for the different situations that may arise, camp lay-out, local law requirements etc.

To ensure a good welcome in Iceland, it is very important that all IST members complete their profile in the registration system and indicate their transport information: place, date and time of arrival, flight number or meeting point if in Reykjavík and such.

Where will I sleep?

A special sub-camp will be set up for the IST, with the exception being those who function as Advisors to the participant tribes as they can sleep in the participant’s camp.  The IST sub-camp will include a secluded area for those who work night shifts, to encourage the needed quiet for sleeping.

IST members are responsible for bringing their own tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses and other camping items for personal use.  It is left to IST members to choose their living arrangements – IST members in a patrol can for example choose to share a tent or not.  Those who do not wish to travel with a tent can purchase one from the Scout Shop.

When choosing what equipment to bring, please bear in mind that the weather in Iceland is pretty unpredictable so good gear is required.  The temperatures can be anywhere from 5C (on a cold night) to 18C (on a nice sunny day), the wind can on occasion be considerable and heavy rain is also possible.  Therefore, please bring what constitutes a three-season tent and a cold weather sleeping bag.

Where will I eat?

Three meals a day will be served to all IST’s from a central kitchen, with the food preparation being the responsibility of professional chefs.  Some choice in food will be possible and account will be taken of the main religious requirements and lifestyle choices.

Some shops and cafes on site at Lake Úlfljótsvatn (during the Althingi part of the program) will sell snacks and additional food items for those who wish something extra.  Some of the sub-camps during the first half of the Moot, as well as the main Moot site at Lake Úlfljótsvatn, are situated in areas where there is no access to public shops or food vendors of any kind.  Please therefore make sure to bring all the personal items with you that you are likely to require and are not otherwise provided.

What sort of time-off can we expect?

Our plans are that IST members would service the Moot up to 8 hours per day.
If possible we schedule a day off for each IST member in our plans, however if we do not get the needed registrations for the IST group we will have to rethink that day off in order to ensure the needed running of the Moot. If that situation arises we apologize, but we know you will understand given your own experiences in running scout camps.

When can I leave camp? Can I leave with my contingent?

We understand that many of you are traveling a long way to get to and from the Moot, and want to make the best use of your time while you are in Iceland. Therefore, if you absolutely must there is the possibility to leave with your contingent in the evening of August 2nd.  However, we do need as many of you as possible to stay for an extra day in order to help close down the camp.  We are also planning á big celebration for the IST team in the evening of August 3rd – when all our work will be done – and hope you will be there to share that with us.

Who is on the Moot´s IST’s team?

Björn (Bjössi) Hilmarsson and Helgi Jónsson lead the Moot´s human resources team, which is responsible for the IST group.  Bjössi and Helgi work with a great group that includes Birna Dis Benjamínsdóttir, Guðfinna Harðardóttir, Marta Magnúsdóttir, Páll L. Sigurðsson, Ragna S. Ragnarsdóttir, Stefania G.Jónsdóttir and Unnur Flygenring,
If you want to contact the Moots HR team, the e-mail is  We will happily receive your correspondence. If you are interested, then this is an event that the scouts around the world own and so we welcome your input, suggestions and involvement.

We look forward to meeting you in Iceland in the summer of 2017.

IST Training : IST are expected to arrive at the meeting point in Laugardalur in Reykjavik on the evening of 22 July or until 14:00 on the  23 July 2017.  Upon arrival, they will undergo training, beginning with general training, including a site orientation, followed by job­specific training.