All IST members are volunteers. In order to become an IST member, you must be born on or before 23 July 1991. You must also speak at least one of the two official Moot languages, English or French.  IST members attend the Moot as a part of a national contingent.

The official registration of the Moot is open until 31 December 2016, each country will set up its own registration procedures and deadlines. If you are not sure how to contact your national contingent or when your national registration is taking place, please ask at your national scout association.   National contingents are encouraged to include as many 26-30 years olds in their IST group as possible.

Upon registration you will be asked to give an indication in which field (program, food, logistics, communication etc.) you would like to contribute with your service.  The Moot organizing team will make every attempt at meeting your service interests, but will need to organize the IST group so that all the needs of the Moot are met and therefore you may ultimately be required to serve in other fields if needed.
IST members will be required to arrive at the Moot site two days before the official opening of the Moot and stay for one day after the closing ceremony, in order to join in some training and help setting up and taking down the camp.
All IST members will be part of small international patrols for their service tasks, groups that will be multicultural, multi-lingual and hopefully multiple fun.

IST Training : IST are expected to arrive at the meeting point in Laugardalur in Reykjavik on the evening of 22 July or until 14:00 on the  23 July 2017.  Upon arrival, they will undergo training, beginning with general training, including a site orientation, followed by job­specific training.