With a sufficient number of IST members it is planned for each IST member to serve the Moot for a maximum of 8 hours each day.  Outside of the service hours IST members will be offered to join in a program specially planned for the IST team.

The program is currently being developed, but will include hikes, sporting events, Safari sessions, pool trips, discussion forums, café´s and much more. IST members are also welcome to join in most of the evening program for the Moot participants.  While a full days program for the IST team is not being scheduled, there should none the less be plenty of fun and exciting things to do during the off hours.

The Moot organizing team happily accepts ideas for the IST program at this stage, as well as indications of interest to run a proposed IST program event.


The activities in which IST members will be involved are classified into the following 6 areas of service :

M01: Program (Expedition, Alþingi and IST) : Expedition Centers (will be in 11 locations in Iceland) Alþingi at Ulfljotsvatn Scout Centre, with five core program villages.

M02: Food and Trading: Scout Shop, food shop, food-distribution, IST canteen, IST cafés and participants café, Food houses

M03: Infrastructure and Logistic: Transportation, sub camp operations, technical dept, infrastructure, site management.

M04: Safety and first aid: Onsite and offsite safety and security, onsite and offsite first aid, medical professionals, lifeguards, listening ear.

M05: Organization, operation and communication: Registration and information, simultaneous interpretation, translation, media, HR office and other operational support.

M06: Tribe Advisor + second or third choice: Advisors are members of the CMT or IST that work with the participants to support their educational experience at the Moot. They travel and camp with the tribes, but do not join in the patrol or tribe program. Each patrol and tribe also selects leaders among the participants themselves, that are responsible for the daily operation of the teams. There will be one advisor assigned to each Tribe, with two advisors working together as a pair. The aim is to have one Icelander and one non-Icelander in each pair of advisors. Advisors should be individuals with a strong background in Scouting for young adults. The advisor role is a 25-30 % function, therefore advisors will need to undertake other CMT or IST responsibilities to fill a full service function.


IST Training : IST are expected to arrive at the meeting point in Laugardalur in Reykjavik on the evening of 22 July or until 14:00 on the  23 July 2017.  Upon arrival, they will undergo training, beginning with general training, including a site orientation, followed by job­specific training.