8 Best places to visit in Ireland

Ireland considered as the most welcoming European country will hypnotize you with its cliff, natural sceneries and hospitality. This beautiful island is famous among thrill-seekers as it provides some of the best heroic water sports.

Walk around the ancient castles, or in the famous Trinity College’s campus, feel the iconic cliffs of Moher or shop and dance in the pubs of Grafton Streets, Ireland will give you some unforgettable experience. If you have planned your next vacation in Ireland, then don’t forget to visit its 8 best mesmerizing places.

1. Grafton Street

Grafton Street is the busiest yet entertaining street of Ireland. You will find flower shops, shopping centers and an enormous number of restaurants which serves affordable international cuisines all over the streets. Tourist especially tries the specialty of Grafton street seafood and pig food.

There are various more things to do such as visiting the National Gallery Museum or Dublin’s famous Little Museum for looking into Ireland’s 20th-century reflection. This enjoyment level doubles up in the night, various pubs and clubs with music and drinks are there to chill your mood. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using makemytrip coupons.

2. Trinity College

One of the world’s leading university, Trinity College established 1592 is in Dublin. You will find a whole new world inside the college. Humongous Georgian architecture, hand carvings on walls from the 15th century, and students from almost every nation working together.

Trinity College

Trinity College

The college also consists of various biological and technological museums, Science Galleries and Library. The famous 9th-century book, The Book of Kells is also well-preserved in its Library. Visitors can see it for a small fee. Explore and college in the morning hours and enjoy your lunch in the Eire walk garden.

3. The Cliff of Moher

No words or image can do the justice to the breathtaking sceneries of Cliff of Moher. The view from the top i.e. height of 215meter of Atlantic Ocean is amazing. The Cliff has spread approx. 8 KM on the side of the ocean and can be easily reached from Dublin. Killarney or Cork. Even the journey to Cliff of Moher from any medium is adventurous as well as beautiful. There are also visitor centers which have small shopping stalls and exhibitions. Spending your evening here with the sunset is a once in a lifetime feeling.

The Cliff of Moher

The Cliff of Moher

4. The Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry is another nature’s gift to Ireland. Deep blue water striking the 120 miles wide mountains, really you can just leave the place when you see the 360 views from the top. You will find diverse coming from different countries at Ring of Kerry to try something heroic and energetic. This place also offers other things like Killarney National Park, calmest and most relaxing place of the tour, famous Staigue stone fort and Ballinskelligs Castle. You can easily find accommodation in Killarney whose night market is famous for mountainous cuisines.

The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry

5. Kilmainham Gaol

Featured in various Hollywood movies like “In the name of Father”, “The Escapist” and “The Italian Job”, Kilmainham Gaol, was a prison which has deadly past in Ireland which is now become a museum. Various country’s activist and politicians are hanged in its garden in the 18th century. It was considered as the most painful place of ancient Ireland. It has some preserved daily use artefacts of that time. Visitors can see the cells, torture halls, bathroom and walls that reflect the situation of people of that time.

6. The Little Museum of Dublin

A most unique museum of Ireland, The Little Museum has photographs, artefacts and small items which played huge roles in Dublin and especially Ireland’s glorious history. There are 4000 plus artefacts including Old Music box, James Joyce’s death mask and a room dedicated to U2 band. Apart from all, the famous John F. Kennedy’s 1963 lectern is the main attraction of the museum. The Little Museum of Dublin also offers The Green Mile walking tour. Enjoy your day exploring the museum and the dinner at Hatch and Sons or Little Brazil restaurant near it.

7. The Rock of Cashel

Commonly known as Cashel of Kings, The Rock of Cashel is on the top of a large green hill, spread over a huge area consist ruins of limestone made castle where hundreds of Munster ruler sat in the 11-12th century. The castle consists of large windows, walls, center hall and the center of attraction round tower. You can just go the topmost height to enjoy the view from royal windows. This cinematic place is perfect to chill and de-stress yourself from the crowdy busy environment. You can apply for Travel Advisor Jobs to know about this field.

The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel

8. Kinsale

The best place to end up your vacation in the coziest way. Kinsale located in the southern part of the country is a coastal area famous for its cruise or boat trips and hospitality. It has become a favorite stoppage for tourist to give themselves some self-time away from crowdy busy streets. Charles Fort is Kinsale’s picture point, a beautiful star-shaped 16-17th-century fort near the shore. Other major attractions include Desmond Castle famous for its wine and wine trade and Lusitania Museum. Don’t forget to do yachting till sunset in the bright river Bandon and create some once in a lifetime memory.

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