A few casual Reykjavik Restaurants, Cafes and Bars you might want to try


Reykjavik is filled with a wide range of delicious foods and world-class chefs and a great place to go for gastronomic experience in Iceland. The food in Reykjavik comprises traditional Icelandic food like dried fish, herring, and smoked lamb and there are lots of top-notch restaurants in Reykjavik that you can eat from.

If you are a vegetarian, you are also going to find vegetarian options that you can choose from which will fulfill all your food cravings in the city.

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Best restaurants in Reykjavik

Food Cellar Brasserie

The Food Cellar is also known as Matarkjallarinn and it offers a lounge-like bar with a dining area. Matarkjallarinn is usually opened between 11 pm and 1 am every night which makes it a great place to simply relax with cocktails after dinning. The menu at the restaurant consists of a mixture of seafood and lamb and there are vegetarian options that focus on Icelandic ingredients.

Food Cellar Matarkjallarinn

Food Cellar Matarkjallarinn

Grillmarkadurinn (The Grillmarket)

The Grillmarket can be found in the back alley of the vibrant Austurstraeti downtown Reykjavik. The restaurant has a serene vibe and it is a great place to go for steaks. You are also going to find wide options of duck, soups, seafood, mini-burgers, salad, and varieties of vegetarian options. Grillmarkadurinn is opened for both lunch and dinner and you should ensure you do not miss the 8 dish taster menu with wine selection.

Dill in Reykjavik

This eatery can be found on the edge of Vatnsmyri which is the urban wetland and wild winged creature hold in Reykjavik. Dill is among the best eateries in Reykjavik and it advances nearby nourishment and occasional fixings.

Kopar Restaurant

Kopar Restaurant

Kopar RestaurantKopar restaurant is located in the old harbor of central Reykjavik and it is mainly a seafood restaurant. The restaurant also serves vegetarian, meat, and vegan options. You should make sure you try out the duck pancakes.

Kopar Restaurant offers a great combination of mind-blowing cocktails, flavors, and professional service.

Sjavargrillid (The Seafood Grill)

This restaurant has a luxurious alpine vibe and it is a great place to try out seafood. Sjavargrillid is among the best restaurants in Reykjavik where you can eat lunch or dinner. The best thing is that their foods are mouth-watering and also reasonably priced. It is also a perfect place to go for a romantic dinner with your other half.

Sjavargrillid (The Seafood Grill)

Sjavargrillid (The Seafood Grill)

Café in Reykjavik

Babalu Café

Café Babalu can be found in a yellow house in Reykjavik and it is among the best vegetarian restaurants in the country. The café serves excellent coffee which includes delicious chamomile soy latte. Some of the desserts served here are cheesecake, chocolate cake, and crepes which go very well with a cup of coffee.


Kaffitár Bankaestraeti

This café can be found in numerous locations throughout Reykjavik and they offer great service with house-blend coffee. Well-trained baristas make the coffee and the snacks that you can eat are tasty, light, and reasonably priced.

Reykjavik Roasters

Reykjavik Roasters is among the best cafés in Reykjavik and it was established in 2008. The coffee is imported directly from farmers in Colombia and Nicaragua and they are of top quality. The best thing is that the beans are roasted on-site.

Bar in Reykjavik


Slippbarinn can be found in the Reykjavik Marina Hotel close to the Old Harbor area and it is regarded as the first cocktail bar in Iceland. You are going to enjoy wide arrays of tasty and unique cocktails on the menu which will amaze you.

Slippbarinn in Reykjavik

Slippbarinn in Reykjavik

Micro Bar

This bar was once located on Austurstraeti and it is not located in a low-lit basement Restaurant Reykjavik. The bar offers a mind-blowing selection of local microbrews and also imports that are mostly from Europe.


This bar is among the best bar in Reykjavik and can be found on the second floor with huge windows that overlooks the busy street below. The bar has a great ambiance and you can come here for whiskey selection. You need to be 25 years to enter and you also need to dress neat and classy to enter here.

Skúli Craftbar

This bar is a great place to go for craft beer lovers as it offers a wide range of beers. The bar has low lighting with relaxed vibes that you will love. The bar is named after Skuli Magnusson, the Reykjavik Sheriff that died in 1794 and you will find his statue outside in the courtyard.

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