Iceland Travel Experience – Schedule and travel cost 5 days 4 nights.

Review detailed schedule and travel cost 5 days 4 nights: Iceland, also known as an ice island, which situated in the middle of the Norwegian Sea in the northern European region. Iceland is shaped by a series of volcanic eruptions many years ago. It is also separated from Eurasia and North America. Because of this particular geographical location, although it has a harsh climate but nature is incredibly beautiful and unique.

If you are a nature lover, adventurous person or simply want to look for another travel experience with other typical European locations, Iceland will be a destination you can not miss.

In this article I’m not only going to review my trip in January, but also notes some tips and experience, when traveling in Iceland, hopefully, it might help the people who are travel lover have an A SMOOTH, SAFE, and ECONOMICAL trip …



Part 1:
– General information about Iceland (accommodation, transportation, currency exchange, etc.)
– detailed schedule and cost trips.

Part 2:
– Aurora (Northern Lights) + Blue Lagoon
– Jökulsárlón tour (glaciers, marine diamond), Golden Circle Tour, Reykjavik.


General information about Iceland

The climate

Iceland has two main seasons: cold and very cold. In summer the temperatures will fluctuate between 7-16 degrees C. The hottest day of the hottest months in Iceland can reach 25 degrees. While in winter the temperatures can be -10, so do not forget your warm clothes if you want to go in the wintertime.

Vehicles: How to approach to Iceland?

The main and unique means to Iceland is the airplane. It is also the most economical means because Iceland is located between the sea so there is no train or bus to get there, although you are from European countries. If you’re from Viet Nam you can take a look at the Skyscanner page, then choose a reasonable time trip that is the most suitable for you.

There is no airport in the city center, you might find a public bus but it’s boring and not so cheap, you should book the airport transfer bus for private companies first. Or you can buy the tickets at the airport. The price is between 20-25e per person per way.

If you are from European countries or the United Kingdom you can refer to Wow Air or Iceland Air. Wow Air is low-cost airline so you will get more preferential fares.

Domestic transportation in Iceland.

The public transport system in Iceland is incredibly poor, while many visiting locations are located far away from the city, there are only 2 popular vehicles that are self-drive or tour.
Self-driving cars will be better suited for those who follow a group of 3-5 because they are more active and cost-saving, and you can turn right or left any time. However, if you are not accustomed to driving on snow, you should not try it.

If you do not know how to drive or do not want to rent a car, tour is another option for you. I also took this option and it was ok.

Tour is another option for you

Tour is another option for you

Accommodation when traveling in Iceland:

Like other tourist destinations, Iceland also has full options for accommodation from hotels, motels, dorm to Homestay …from my own experience, there are two options are the most considerable.

Option 1 is the guesthouse (hostel) in the center. The advantages of this type are very close to the center, walking to travel destinations are very convenient. There are many types of rooms and the price is also very good. They provided some equipped in the kitchen for self-cooking. The downside is that they are often fully booking or price will be pushed up if we go in peak season.

Option 2 is the homestay (you can search on facebook to find more detailed information)

Currency Exchange:

Iceland people use the currency of kroner instead of using Euro as many other European countries, however, almost everywhere will accept the card so if you do not intend to take a public bus, you also don’t need to worry about the money.
For those who want to exchange currency, you should change right at the ATM at the airport. The two ATMs located next to the exit of the airport near the orange Direct Bus counters are easy to see.
The exchange rate and fees are also very OK, and there is no difference from the price I checked on the internet.

Schedule and cost (4D + 5N)

Iceland trip schedule:

Day 1:
Morning: Amsterdam – Reykjavik
PM: Reykjavik (churches, ports, etc.)
Dinner: aurora hunting Tour

Day 2:
Morning + Afternoon: Grand Tour Golden Circle
Evening: Hunting Extreme Tour optical

Day 3:
Full day: Jökulsárlón Tour

Day 4:
AM: Blue Lagoon
afternoon + evening: visiting Reykjavik

Early day 5:
Reykjavik – Amsterdam


Iceland Glaciers

Information about Iceland trip costs (for one person)

Air ticket: 150eu / return (Wow Air: Amsterdam-Reykjavik)
Airport transfer: 35eu / 2 pm
Accommodation: 117.5eu / 4 days (including breakfast)
Foods and drinks: ~ 50eu (eat out one meal, the rest are homemade)
Cost of the tour: 310eu / 4 tours
Total: ~ 670eu / person

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