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If you look in your atlas, you will find an island in the northwest corner of Europe, between Scotland and Greenland. That island is Iceland.

Its size is about twice the size of Switzerland and the population is about 330.000 people. More than 70% of the population lives in the capital and the surrounding area in the Southwest part of the country.  Only a tenth of the country is habitable for people, mostly along the coast. The rest is uninhabited; areas with glaciers, mountains, volcanoes and unspoiled nature as far as they eye can see.

Iceland, the country with the cold name is not as cold as it sounds, even though its location is near the Arctic Circle. Because of the Gulf Stream that surrounds it, the country has a relatively mild climate, milder than many parts of Northern Europe and the USA during winter. In the summertime the climate is temperate and the sun never sets. So during the Moot you will experience over 20 hours of comfortable daylight – each day!

The clean air and the pure water is a national pride. Iceland has a magnificent nature, with hot springs coming from the earth where you least expect it and Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, whose peaks reach high up and can be seen from the South coast of Iceland.

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