13 Interesting Facts About Iceland


Iceland is isolated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Iceland is the land of ice and fire, it is actually true this country has a lot of volcanoes, and in the winter season, the temperature falls near about 0 degrees. The total population of this country is 339.031 (2019 – rank 180th in the world), the country size is 103,000 sq.km, the capital city name is Reykjavik and the currency of this country is Icelandic krona (ISK).

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The official language of Iceland is Icelandic. This country is famous due to his beauty many tourists go to this country to seeing his beauty. You will be shocked to know his country rules, law and about the facts of the country. This country has a beautiful ocean a lot of beautiful lakes, waterfalls. Which people see these they are lost in its beauty make sure you would flawless to go there.

Iceland waterfalls

Iceland waterfalls

Fun Facts about Iceland

This country is unique with there facts in the world some people will be shocked to hear about it. It is unique as in his beauty as well as it is unique with his amazing facts just read and enjoy it.

1. No European union part.

Some people consider him it is part of the European Union but this is not.

No European union part

No European union part: https://maproom.net

2. Unique timing of day and night

Every country has time for day and night but in Iceland sometime the Sun doesn’t arrive for a week or month. In the opposite from May to July, the Sun hides only for 3 hours but a little lite remain always in the land a large number of people come to see this scene.

Hvalsneskirkja Church Garður

Iceland northern lights – Hvalsneskirkja Church Garður

3. No Bees and mosquitoes

This will be only one country where bees and mosquitoes, not exit even when the people started living there only Fox was lived there. The reason behind this his weather yes, the weather of Iceland is cold that’s why bees and mosquitoes are not born there.

4. No Army

Yes, of course, Iceland has Army the reason behind this his population as the population of Iceland is only 329.100 that’s why this country doesn’t recruit the army. The second reason is the patience of the peoples. The people in Iceland are very cool even the Police don’t use the weapons and the crime rate is near about 0. And in the list of peaceful countries Iceland comes in No 1 position.

5. Iceland is a highly developed country

Iceland is also ahead in the field of the Internet. You will be shocked to hear that 97% population had been using the internet in 2009. The world’s fourth most focused economy regarding per capita GDP is Iceland with an estimation of USD 70,056.

Iceland people are very much ahead in the field of career planning, they know which is the best career for us and they take this career as their first priority. They know how to choose the right career. That’s why Iceland is the rich and happy country in the world.

6. Iceland is the best country to watch the sky

According to Science Iceland surface is similar to the moon. First-person how gone in the moon his training took place in Iceland. Every person enjoys it when he sees the beautiful sky but in Iceland, the sky looks very beautiful because according to science it is near in the sky. A large number of peoples goes every year to see the scene of nature.

Iceland travel

Beautiful sky above Iceland

7. No Waiter tip

Here also Iceland is different in this matter. All over the world mostly persons, give some money to the waiter due to its amazing service, but in Iceland giving money to the waiter is considered an abuse. They don’t accept the money for his good services they consider it is part of there duty.

8. Bane Pron and Clubs

Porn sites and also dancing clubs are bain in Iceland.

9. Bath in springs.

If a person wants a bath in the springs, before bath every person has to bath in the fronts of all people. Then he can enter the springs for bath.

Hot Spring in Iceland

Hot Spring in Iceland

10. Believe in the Dwarves

In Iceland, the majority of peoples believe in the Dwarves and there believe is the Dwarves have a lot of magical power.

11. Most popular hobby

The most popular hobby of the Icelandic peoples is fishing and the country source of income depends mostly on fishing.

Icelandic Fishing Boat

Icelandic Fishing Boat

12. Lesbian is allow

Lesbian is allowed in Iceland. According to Icelandic law, a woman can marry women and men with man. it is allowed in Iceland and government protect in Lesbian.

13. Love with Books and iceCream

Even at this age, the majority of people love books, they gave the priority to books over the Internet. Reading books has become the blood of Icelandic people. Even 80% of the population has written their books. 8 people out of 10 print out his books and then they come to the library. Iceland is a cold country naturally but every person loves with Icecream.

Ice Cream in Iceland

Ice Cream in Iceland


Iceland is the most beautiful country for tourism. It’s beauty, occasion, mountant all are worth watching. It has a lot of unique things as I already told about its weather and the timing of day and night etc.. all overviews are amazing.

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