ICELAND – A truly unique country

ICELAND – A truly unique country2019-09-05T15:38:44+00:00


Iceland is a truly unique country that is worth visiting. Not only is its nature unique, but the culture and atmosphere is something special too.

Having the opportunity to combine attending a fantastic international event with people from around 80 countries and exploring Iceland’s nature and culture is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Moot organizing team encourages you to use that opportunity to join the Moot and travel up north.

We have to warn you that the biggest thing shaping Iceland and the daily life of Icelanders is the weather!  We cannot promise snow, but in the history of the country it has on occasion snowed in summer so we cannot completely exclude it either.  We cannot promise sunshine all the time either, although it could be and is more likely than snowing.  We definitely do not offer beaches for lazing around. However, it is not as cold as the name of the country implies – but you must bring warm cloths along nonetheless as the weather is often windy and generally quite unpredictable.