MOOT EVS Project

What is EVS?

Short for European Volunteering Service, this program supports young Europeans (18-30 inclusive) to volunteer abroad and develop new skills and knowledge in an international environment.

Aim of the project

Support the youth empowerment of 120 young people from European countries in building sustainable societies through their involvement in an international event that promotes positive values such as: diversity, inclusion, peace and cohesion among young people from different cultures and backgrounds.

ESV Project
ESV Project

Advantages compared to a normal IST

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Enhanced IST experience- extra workshops, learning new things (Icelandic lessons, YouthPass), better skills development; reduced participation fee (140 dollars per person); pocket money (reduced fee and pocket money in total equivelant to 200 EUR); supported travel costs up to agreed amounts (see table below).

Who can participate in this project?

* The Moot EVS project is open to IST from eligible countries (see list below under travel cost heading) who are over 26 and under 31 years of age on the first day of the Moot.

* Participants on this project can’t have participated in a Large Scale EVS project in the past.

* EVS participants should arrive in Iceland on 21st July, and can depart from 5th August. This is longer than the rest of the IST, and it is when a lot of the EVS specific workshops and sessions will take place. If a participant can’t commit to these dates exactly, there is some flexibility on the dates. However in any case, they need to spend a minimum of 16 days in Iceland (14 activity days and 2 travel days).

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Travel reimbursements lump sums/country:

Country Max. travel reimbursement per person
Ireland €275
Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, France €360
Croatia, Hungary, FYROM, Bulgaria, Romania €530
Greece, Cyprus €820
ESV Project
ESV Project

Please note!

Support for flight costs can only be provided for flights booked after 1st January 2017; but if an EVS participant now needs to change their flight to extend their stay in Iceland, the flight change cost can be supported (if sum still fits within the allocated travel costs).


If you fit the profile to participate in this project, please contact your Head of Contingent.

For more information, contact the planning team at