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Here you can find definitions for the 15th World Scout Moot 2017. We hope it will help you when going through the information on the website.

CONTINGENT: Each country sends one national contingent that includes all those attending the Moot from that country.  Each contingent has a contingent leader who leads the national contingent to the Moot.

PATROL: A Patrol is made up of 10 participants from different countries, two per country and five countries if participants number allow.  The patrol is a unit that partakes in the same program during the Moot.

TRIBE: A tribe is made up of four patrols. The tribe lives together during the duration of the Moot, creating friendships but also sharing the responsibilities for camping, food preparation and other tasks of daily living.

EXPEDITIONS: A journey takes place during the first half of the World Scout Moot 2017. The journeys will be in different places around Iceland and include a variety of different activities. The participants choose their journey when registering for the World Scout Moot 2017.  The choice in expeditions is used to form each patrol.

ALTHINGI: Althingi is the name of the second half of the Moot, when everyone gathers together at Úlfljótsvatn Scout Centre.

ÚLFLJÓTSVATN SCOUT CENTRE: The Úlfljótsvatn Scout Center is located approximately 50 km east of the capital city Reykjavik.  It is fully owned by the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association, is the site of national jamborees and other Scout events, but also open to the public when it is not in use by the Scouts.  More information about the Úlfljótsvatn Scout Center are here.