Day Visitor

In order to provide better insight into the significance of the Scout Movement, as well as a fuller experience of the World Scout Moot, a Day Visitor Programme will be offered on International Day, Sunday 30 July.

A limited number of tickets for the Day Visitor Programme should be purchased in advance. To register, please refer to the Day Visitor information on the Moot website.

Number of Day Visitors

Everyone is eligible to join the Day Visitor Programme, whether or not they are active members of the Scout Movement. To secure enough parking spaces and avoid overcrowding, the total number of visitors will be limited to 500.


The reception desk at the Welcome Centre will open at 09:00, and Day Visitors may remain at the World Scout Moot site until 17:00. Please pay attention to information updates.

Visiting area and guided tour

Following check­in at the Welcome Centre, Day Visitors will be conducted on a guided tour of the World Scout Moot site by ISTs of the Guest Services Team. Day Visitors will be able to visit public areas such as the World Scout Centre and the Central Plaza, but will not be permitted to enter the Sub Camp Areas where the Scouts are accommodated.


Day Visitor tickets may be booked and purchased online at Note that once capacity is reached, no more tickets will be available.

Cost Admission

  • Day Visitors aged 18 or older: ISK 3,500 / person
  • Day Visitors aged 6­18: ISK 1,750 / person
  • Admission is free for children under 6 years of age
  • The admission fee includes items such as an ID pass and Day Visitor Guidebook.

Scout Guest

Contingents may invite a limited number of prominent officials from their National Scout Organizations to visit their Contingent at the World Scout Moot.

Scout Guests should be registered in advance by returning the completed “Scout Guest Application Form” to the Moot Office by the end of March 2017. Please note that Contingents assume full responsibility for their invited Scout Guests for the duration of their stay. Scout Guests may stay a maximum of 2 nights and 3 days during the period from 29 July to 2 August, and must confine their visits to  the Moot site to between 09:00 and 17:00 on those days. For accommodation, Contingents can arrange their own tents at the IST camp or book a nearby hotel at additional cost.

The fee is ISK 9,000 per person per day and includes a neckerchief, ID pass, Handbook, and 3 meals at the IST Canteen. Upon arrival, Scout Guests check in at the Welcome Centre, where they will be put in touch with their Contingent, which will then assume responsibility for their stay.

Special Guest

Each Contingent may nominate Special Guests by submitting the “Special Guest Nomination Form” to the Moot office before the end of March 2017.

Those eligible for the Special Guest Program will include such dignitaries as heads of state, members of legislative assemblies, government ministers, and ambassadors of contingents’ home countries. . Also eligible are other prominent citizens who have helped NSOs forge greater links between Scouting and the wider community. In principle, officials of National Scouting Organizations should be registered as Scout Guests

Special Guests will be welcome throughout the World Scout Moot. All arrangements for receiving Special Guests will be closely coordinated with the relevant National Scouting Organizations. Special Guests will receive a briefing and a guided tour of the Moot site at Úlfljótsvatn. The invitation includes registration, a guided tour, and refreshments upon arrival at the site.

In April 2017, the World Scout Moot organizers will send an invitation to each Special Guest in consultation with their respective National Scouting Organizations. Please note that there is a limit to the number of Special Guests that can be accepted, so not all nominees may be able to participate as Special Guests. Therefore, in order to avoid any disappointments, please do not contact a proposed guest directly before receiving confirmation of acceptance from the Moot Office.