Join us as a Moot Planning Team

The Moot Planning Team (MPT) is the group of volunteers who actually plan, prepare and are responsible for the running of the Moot.  The MPT is organized into seven teams, each with the responsibility for a specific area of work. Those areas are the expedition program, on-site program, HR, infrastructure and support, food services, marketing and finance.

Each area of work is lead by two scouts who function as chiefs, and divided into subteams lead by leaders. The organization of the MPT can be seen here. Members of the MPT report as appropriate to the leader or the chief of the relevant area of work, and the chiefs report to the Moot Organizing Committee.  The MPT currently works in English where international team members are already present.

The MPT started work early 2014 and will continue to work until year end 2017.

The 15th World Scout Moot welcomes scouts from around the world as members of the MPT –  particular those who meet the following criteria:

  • Are able to communicate in English, French in addition is an advantage
  • Have good planning and communication skills
  • Have basic computer skills (Microsoft Office and can engage in communication through E-mail and social media)
  • Have been involved and responsible at a high level in large scale Scout camping events, such as a World Scout Jamboree, World Scout Moot or a large National Jamboree
  • Have an expertise and proven success in a MPT particular area of work.
  • Have an understanding and tolerance for intercultural and organizational differences
  • Are eager to participate in making a great World Scout Moot
  • Will attend the World Scout Moot in 2017


MPTs are expected to be active in the planning and preparation process as  their particular field of work requires and the team agrees on.  They will also be active in leading the running of the event on-site. This will require taking on “homework” and attending meetings on a regular basis – an attempt will be made to have meetings with international members on Skype as much as possible.  Members of the MPT may also be required to arrive on-site before the World Scout Moot starts and leave after the World Scout Moot ends, as required by their particular field of work and the team – in order to help set up and close the event down. Specific arrival and departure dates will be different depending on the assigned task or requirement of each area of work.


Those international scouts who volunteer their services to the MPT are required to cover their own expenses, including the event registration fee through their respective National Scout Organization (NSO), travel cost and what else may be applicable and as decided by their NSO. Any negotiation on whether a NSO will cover the costs needs to be done directly with the NSO in question.

Camp in each national Contingent, except some specific cases appended

If interested, what next:

  1. Make sure you meet the above mentioned criteria and are willing to commit to the necessary work and cost
  2. Fill in the MPT registration form
  3. Contact your National Scout Association and ask for a letter of support (national procedure should apply), which the association should send directly to the World Scout Moot office.
  4. The World Scout Moot will review your interest and your background and whether a match can be made to the need of a relevant area of work.
  5. Once the review has taken place the World Scout Moot Office will inform you and your National Scout Association on the conclusion.

For information, the MPT currently includes several international members. While the World Scout Moot welcomes all those who are interested in joining the MPT, it is not guaranteed that those interested will be accepted into the team.


If you have questions or difficulties in registering through the website please contact